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This is the official website of the Gundungurra Tribal Council Aboriginal Corporation, founded to strengthen, preserve, and protect the remains of the Gundungurra culture. We advertise the culture and heritage of the Blue Mountain region. We are a non-profit organisation but dedicated to promoting the culture that characterises the people of the Blue Mountains. We represent the will of the Gundungurra traditional rulers and the interests of the people at large.

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The Gundungurra Tribal Council Aboriginal Corporation has created the concept of tourism from the aborigines’ heritage and cultures. Our tours offer you an opportunity to experience all of our community culture and heritage. Like other places in Australia, it is a place with remarkable landscapes and an attractive outlook. So, it is sure to be a wonderful experience. There are three major tours established in this regard: Guided Tours, Virtual Tours, and Jenolan Caves Tours.

Gundungurra Tribe History

Although nothing is certain about the first existence of the Gundungurra, they are a tribe found to be in existence as far back as the 19th century. They are located in the south-east area of New South Wales in Australia. We share boundaries with the Dharug and the Eora towards the north and towards the east, with Darkinurg, Wiradjuri Ngunawal, and Thurrawal.


A community is made up of people, that is, a group of families sharing common interests and goals. Therefore, a community is established with certain values, and gradually, these values, together with the territorial definition of a group of people, shape the peoples’ thoughts and culture. Waters and rocky landscapes surround the Gundungurra people, which formed part of their beliefs as a community. They majorly speak the Ngunnawal dialect and dress according to changes in weather.

Significant Areas of Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is located in the west of Sydney and is above the earth in a striking display of carpeted hills in green colours. The region is very rugged and known for its theatrical effects. There are several trails discovered in the Blue Mountains. The Gundungurra inhabited the Blue Mountains and largely influenced a great number of its activities. They are often referred to as custodians of the land. Although most lands now offer tourism attractions, some Aboriginals still inhabit the region to date. The various significant areas in the Blue Mountains include the Botanical Gardens and Rock Art.


We are in Australia.

COVID-19 & Our Community

The Coronavirus Pandemic, which originated from Wuhan, China, entered Australia in January 2020. In response to the pandemic’s increasing rate, the Australian Government placed restrictions on movement and banned travels from across the country and beyond.

Lockdown measures were also employed, which affects a quite number of businesses. Perhaps the most affected business is the travel and tourism sector with the imposition of lockdown and travel bans during this uncertain time. In turn, our tourist activities have been significantly affected.