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About Us

The way of life of man is life in itself. Hence, preserving our culture is no longer a goal but a responsibility. This is the official website of the Gundungurra Tribal Council Aboriginal Corporation, founded to strengthen, preserve, and protect the remains of the Gundungurra culture. The Corporations advertises the culture and heritage of the Blue Mountain region.

The people have built a strong bond with the land as it is constant proof of their tills and toils. It is this sacrifice over the years and connection with the soil that has given rise to the deep-rooted culture that now stands us apart. Well aware of the beauty of our culture and fully proud of it, we promote our culture and heritage.

Also, we are not a profit-driven organisation but dedicated to promoting the culture that characterises the people of the Blue Mountains. We represent the will of the Gundungurra traditional rulers and the interests of the people at large.

We have also created the concept of tourism from the aborigines’ heritage and cultures. We then offer members of the public access to experience the beauty of our cultures. We achieve this through our various tours. We currently run three major tours. These are our Guided Tours, Virtual Tours, and Jenolan Caves Tours. Through these tours, people get to further appreciate our heritage.

We have created that avenue to allow people to enjoy a pure and local aborigine experience. This experience ranges from our cultural dances to their songs, drumming, traditional folktales, guided tours, and camps. We also offer access to one of our foremost cultural practice, the Gundungurra Traditional Bush Healing & Smoking ceremony.

The smoking ceremony is performed by burning certain traditional plants to produce smoke. The Berrigan Emu bush is a common plant that serves this purpose among the Aboriginal tribes. The herbs are believed to have strong antimicrobial elements that prevent infections and scare evil spirits away. Also, by burning Boreen leaves, a cleansing rite is performed.

Also, we have secured a registered title claim since 1995 over indigenous lands. We aim to form part of Australia’s biggest and most exciting tourist centres and create an all-inclusive experience in a conducive and convenient environment. We preach the first-hand experience of the Gundungurra culture. We are located in Katoomba in South Wales, Australia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment that further promotes our cultural heritage. The goal is to ensure that we can protect our heritage and continue its passage to the new and upcoming generation. We are committed to ensuring that members of the public can experience the beauty of our culture first-hand.

What We Do

We constantly advocate for the promotion of our cultural heritage. It is important because it is the road from which we come and one that guides our path. So, we prioritise the prominence and development of our culture. We also provide an impeccable opportunity for people to enjoy great scenery within our bespoke tradition and way of life.